It’s been over a year now with so much fame Star Wars: The Force Awakens has fetched from its launch in the theatres. Many questions remain unanswered from the movie. Like why do we not see Han and Leia together in Star Wars: The Force Awakens recent events? It seems the recent teaser release of an excerpt from the book Emprie’s End is going to reveal the real reason.

Han and Leia

A recent teaser excerpt from the soon to be published Aftermath novel by author Chuck Wending was released by This is the final of the famous three in a row trilogy. It is true that not much in details has been written about the reason for Han and Leia being apart yet, a faint speculation can be made about it from this upcoming novel. This time its going to be a twist in the tale. Readers can get the idea about a pregnant Leia and Ben Solo with her. Ben is  going to be the Kylo Ren and come up face to face  with Hand and insist him to give it a rest and settle down finally. With a baby coming all its way it is now time for Han to slow down a bit. Han, as usual is out there trying to get hold of some mystic jogan fruit to help Leia.  The underlining meaning  of all these happening all together gives a feeling that the author is trying to say that there is no need for Han to play the role of the smuggler any more. There is no more a fight there. Still Han is becoming a bit restless and this is sensed from the excerpt.


Things have not been easy for Han. It’s true he never says out his true feelings. But Leia can sense it right on his face. Her husband is not someone who loves sitting at home doing nothing. He needs an adventure at all times. He is awfully bored at present. Back home Chewbacca is looking out for his family. Luke is engaged in searching the entire galaxy to find out the old Jedi teachings. It’s only Han who has nothing to gamble, smuggle or a foolish Rebellion to get into a fight with. It seems Hans has become a so called Falcon now old and retied to be handed something. He is as if waiting and waiting for something to take place. All he does is buying lots and lots of fruits.


The Star Wars original trilogy movies showcased Han Solo with Chewie all engaged with complete actions one after another thus keeping the excitement of life active and ongoing. The comics as well as in Star Wars cannon and movies always showed the audience the character of Han to be always engaged into  some action like gambling or smuggling. It is difficult to portray a man of such skills to just become cold as ice. It is worth mentioning that his best friend is no longer around him now. Kylo Ren in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens is shown to be turning into the Dark Side. Of course the story does not end here and there is much to discover soon. This part of the relationship will remain unexplored. Its due to the sad demise of Carrie Fisher recently and also because Han Solo died in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Chuck Wendig delivers an extremely exciting end to the Star Wars: Aftermath and Life Debt to New York Times. The trilogy sets itself in between the Return of the Jedi and The Force Awaken years smartly”


Next on December 15 Carrie Fisher will be seen as Leia Organa in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The relationship of Leia and Han will be in deep debates and discussions indeed.  His death was sudden and was not speculated in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Harrison Ford performing the character of Han Solo is almost done filming this.  The anthology movie characterizing the young Han Solo is to be released next year. The filming has just begun and its going to be action packed with the exciting and adventurous smuggling days of Han. Check out the complete excerpt from  February 21 is the date of launch of Star Wars: Aftermath-Empire’s End.




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