Han and Leia’s Break-Up in Star Wars “The Force Awakens”, how did this happen?

It’s been over a year now with so much fame Star Wars: The Force Awakens has fetched from its launch in the theatres. Many questions remain unanswered from the movie. Like why do we not see Han and Leia together in Star Wars: The Force Awakens recent events? It seems the recent teaser release of an excerpt from the book Emprie’s End is going to reveal the real reason.

A recent teaser excerpt from the soon to be published Aftermath novel by author Chuck Wending was released by StarWars.com. This is the final of the famous three in a row trilogy. It is true that not much in details has been written about the reason for Han and Leia being apart yet, a faint speculation can be made about it from this upcoming novel. This time its going to be a twist in the tale. Readers can get the idea about a pregnant Leia and Ben Solo with her. Ben is  going to be the Kylo Ren and come up face to face  with Hand and insist him to give it a rest and settle down finally. With a baby coming all its way it is now time for Han to slow down a bit. Han, as usual is out there trying to get hold of some mystic jogan fruit to help Leia.  The underlining meaning  of all these happening all together gives a feeling that the author is trying to say that there is no need for Han to play the role of the smuggler any more. There is no more a fight there. Still Han is becoming a bit restless and this is sensed from the excerpt.


Things have not been easy for Han. It’s true he never says out his true feelings. But Leia can sense it right on his face. Her husband is not someone who loves sitting at home doing nothing. He needs an adventure at all times. He is awfully bored at present. Back home Chewbacca is looking out for his family. Luke is engaged in searching the entire galaxy to find out the old Jedi teachings. It’s only Han who has nothing to gamble, smuggle or a foolish Rebellion to get into a fight with. It seems Hans has become a so called Falcon now old and retied to be handed something. He is as if waiting and waiting for something to take place. All he does is buying lots and lots of fruits.


The Star Wars original trilogy movies showcased Han Solo with Chewie all engaged with complete actions one after another thus keeping the excitement of life active and ongoing. The comics as well as in Star Wars cannon and movies always showed the audience the character of Han to be always engaged into  some action like gambling or smuggling. It is difficult to portray a man of such skills to just become cold as ice. It is worth mentioning that his best friend is no longer around him now. Kylo Ren in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens is shown to be turning into the Dark Side. Of course the story does not end here and there is much to discover soon. This part of the relationship will remain unexplored. Its due to the sad demise of Carrie Fisher recently and also because Han Solo died in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Chuck Wendig delivers an extremely exciting end to the Star Wars: Aftermath and Life Debt to New York Times. The trilogy sets itself in between the Return of the Jedi and The Force Awaken years smartly”

Next on December 15 Carrie Fisher will be seen as Leia Organa in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The relationship of Leia and Han will be in deep debates and discussions indeed.  His death was sudden and was not speculated in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Harrison Ford performing the character of Han Solo is almost done filming this.  The anthology movie characterizing the young Han Solo is to be released next year. The filming has just begun and its going to be action packed with the exciting and adventurous smuggling days of Han. Check out the complete excerpt from StarWars.com.  February 21 is the date of launch of Star Wars: Aftermath-Empire’s End.

Sneek Peek into the Upcoming 2018 best “Star Wars” game sagas and playoffs

“Star Wars” is truly irresistible.
No one can escape from its glamorous clutches, not even with all the time one has.

To put it in a more formal note, coming up in the next three years are four brand new “Star Wars” games. Just similar to all the movies launched from the same brand in between years 1977 and 1999.

A sneak peek into the insides of these upcoming games were showcased at this year’s E3 a.k.a Electronic Entertainment Expo. Electronic Arts (EA) showed off the teaser trailers of these games. The company for the next ten years has an all exclusive right to launch as many “Star War” games as they desire. Let us look at the titles of the upcoming games as we got from the sources:-

Title for Pic 1-

Seems the upcoming “Star Wars” game series has a lot X-wing piloting involved


Firstly this virtual reality is termed as a “mission”. Can blame it on its length, made by DICE and Criterion, the original creator of the “Star Wars Battlefront”. These are the names that one can associate with the famous “Burnout” and “Need for Speed” series.


Title for Pic 2-

“Star Wars Battlefront” haters here comes Luke with all his power.


For those who are yet not fans of this latest multiplayer shooter game “Star Wars Battlefront” there cannot be anything more disappointing. Arriving right this year is the sequel to this title,the upcoming big “Star Wars” game. As stated by DICE the upcoming title is going to do justice to its previous title “Star Wars Battlefront”. Let us look forward to that.

Title for Pic 3-

A very before time footage from the upcoming “Star Wars” game..shared at the Electronic Arts E3 meet on Sunday.



Year 2018 is going to give the really exciting “Star Wars” game to the world. Maybe it will arrive sooner than that. This time from Visceral Games, the brand popular for its take on creepy stuffs it did on its “Dead Space” series.Army Henning is this time the leader, creative director and the head writer for the three first games comprised in the immensely  popular “Uncharted series”. EA’s press conference showcased few seconds from the work in progress footage of the game. Seems that this is going to be the best third person action adventure game series. No one  is sure at the moment but the talk is in the air that this time its going to be a mightier shooter game with probably no leading hero.



Title for Pic 4-

These mo-cap suits seems to be kindda Jedi..well it’s just an opinion only.


Here there is yet another action packed game right in its early stages of development, this one is coming from Respawn Entertainment. This is the same company behind the development of “Titanfall” the much awaited soon to be released game. “Titanfall 2” is in a bit of a premature stage to be showcased in the E3 conference.  However the teaser trailer inside the game showed a little about the motion capture suits with their bright ping pong ball movements. This is on the contrary to the game launched by Visceral. This one featured Jedi prominently. No release date has yet been in the news. However the expectation is that it will be possibly 2019 or 2020 when it will be out.



Title for Pic 5-
Coming in the near future is the “Star Wars The Old Republic” which will be one of the three “Star Wars” titles to get brand new content. Still no news whether these spine chilling twins will exist or not.

If all these news were less than what you expected, wait up. There will also be fresh new content for our very old  “Star Wars” in the coming few years as well.  Here are what the game might be comprising of :-

  1. Exciting 3 in a row expansion packs for the all new “Star Wars Battlefront”.
  2. Fresh content coming up for the mobile strategy game “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes”
  3. More new fresh expansions are coming up for the big multiplayer online game series “Star Wars: The Old Republic”

Didn’t we say you this?  You are going to be spoilt for choices with all these “Star Wars” coming up on your platter. So, pull up your socks, grab the sword and start getting good at your work.

star wars the force awakens characters

star wars the force awakens characters

 The Force Awakens, directed by J.J. Abrams, without a doubt is a thrilling experience and truly depicts what is expected from a Star Wars film but that very fact leads to a foreseeable plot of a movie.

By this time you must be confused whether to buy the ticket or not? But come on it’s a Star Wars movie 90% of the people would have already gotten the ticket. This review will take you through a topsy-turvy ride of the best moments of the movie and the descriptive weaknesses. The Force Awakens, directed by J.J. Abrams, without a doubt is a thrilling experience and truly depicts what is expected from a Star Wars film but that very fact leads to a foreseeable plot of a movie.

Unveiling the script by J.J. Abrams and Kasdan wouldn’t be that intriguing unless and until you experience the same enigma and suspense that I did. It can be unambiguously enunciated that The Force Awakens zealously and reverently stems out from the “Original concept.” After an obnoxious series of episodes of CGI-Overloaded, episode seven eventually brings back the enticing plot that the audience kept waiting for.  The electrifying ride of X-wing and witnessing a droid rolling on a sprawling desert planet are one of the highlighting moment of the movie. The Force Awakens definitely imprisons the same level of excitement like Star Wars.

A huge credit goes to the come-back of renowned characters Han Solo and Chewbacca, who help to intensify the situation further by adding scoops of mystery attached to their history. They succeed to bedazzle you with their charm and make you adhere to their elucidation that puts you in an aw-inspiring moment of trying to relate it to the past and the future. They have created the same vibes and exhibit the same expressions to trigger the reminiscences of these characters the audience have in mind.

The first objection I have is the less screen time of these characters but along with that the chemistry of the new heroes and villains is absolutely bizarre. Rey (Daisy Ridley), Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) and Finn (John Boyega) add their own flavors of personalities fighting against the oppressive and horrendous dictatorship of the First Order. The connection of their mismatched personalities and growth of this connection takes us on a thrilling and exciting ride.  The portrayal of this mix of personalities is extremely comical, relevant and amusing simultaneously.

The collaboration of the outstanding characters in a matter of few hours has managed to create sparks of each character in the available capacity. The highlight of The Force Awakens Adam Driver ( Kylo Ren) gives a burst of emotional twist to the movie where Gwendoline Christie and Captain Phasma play meagre roles. The intense conflicts within, show off as fierce temper outside that couples up with motivation and ambition while he strives to undergo his absolute mission. Driver creates a murky ambience in his presence, despite of adorning a blank and inexpressive mask that quite evidently indicates another antagonist.

Visually Star Wars: The Force Awakens is truly commendable and characterization is also spot on but the assembly of the plot and description are to some extent disturbing to the viewer. For instance MacGiffin that takes off the story has no link with the histrionic ending and definitely stands synonymous with the “disaster of recreation.” Some of the blows of the movie point towards mere luck like Abrams’ Star Trek start-up that makes the movie lose its ground. These problems don’t throw the movie off-track but these are surely distressing and note-worthy.

The audience expectations from the movie are sky-high and they believe it will be a life time visual experience but for me the reality is on the contrary. It is surely a mysterious and exciting return of the science–fiction movie which is badly destabilized with a wavering script. This dose of truth was to make your expectations tuned to the reality, so you truly enjoy the movie.


The breakup mystery in Hans and Leia’s in the Force Awakens

The Movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens has made a superb entry into the theatre. The movie has made a great come back and the revived the concept in a appropriate manner. The concept has merged well with the new themes and plots. The unanswered scenes are responded and answered quite well. The audience satisfactions appears to be visible and that is what the most exciting part. However, the new plot has put the audience in state of dazed as well. For instance, it was a shock to see Hans and Leia no longer in a relation in the new Star War : The Force Awakens. On a positive note this has led to launch of another series of novel Star Wars:  Aftermath- Empire End.  Honestly it is quite exciting and has an element of drama in it, however, how well it is picturized that is still to be evaluated and judged.

Starwar.com has recently published Chuck Wendig’s novel Aftermath extracts- its third and final series. The new plot reveals the events and circumstances that led to depart of its two main characters i.e. Hans and Leia. The extracts shows Leia pregnant apparently carrying Ben Solo child who would later grow to become Kylo Ren and even challenging or provoking Han and specifying her priorities as she is soon to become a mother. On the contrary Han is as usual playing his part in helping her out and bringing her the Jogan fruit. The enticing part that make this plot great is that Han is seen becoming agitated since his rebellion instinct is no more awakens as he is no more fighting. The extract further reveals

It’s difficult for Hans to resist and that is visible from his demeanor. He feels useless, he can’t find his purpose: there is no fight, he seems aimless, and warrior is seen being rusted. Fighter seen in the new plot buying fruit which is against what he has been showed and imaged.

In original series of Star Wars, Han Solo character kept the audience engaged as he fights with Chewie and these scenes are beautifully picturized to kept the audience involved. There is an element of humor in it as well when Hens is seeing gambling and doing smuggling. With such a colorful character in the past and now seeing doing nothing extraordinary does not go well and hence not well received. Seeing Kylo Ren changing his sides to the darker force is the reason behind the culmination of the friendship between the two, however, it still has lot of other events that need to be explored.

The sad part is seeing Han Solo finally killed in Star Wars : The Force Awakens. Carrie Fisher as General Leia also passes away leaving audience less to explore and their relation couldn’t get further. But to reach on to that stage, it’s a must for Star War fans to read the final novel  Star Wars: Aftermath – Empire’s End to connect the dot perfectly and to see Chuck Wendig performing the decisive move. In the last part Chuck Wending seen delivering the  exciting  finish and even earns the new York best-selling series recognition between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens as well

Carrie Fisher will be seen as Leia Organa in Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 15. The plot a part from other aspect will discover more about the relation with Han as the same wasn’t really explored in the last part i.e. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Harrison did his part quite well but now he is over with the character and new but young Hans is already in the making hoping to be viewed by the audience in the next year. This means that new Hans will be full of his exciting and colorful aspect i.e. you will get to see lots of smuggling, gambling and fight with rebellion plus comic moods to lift the audience moods from time to time to make the stream going. You can check out the full excerpt from the novel at StarWars.com. Star Wars: Aftermath – Empire’s End comes out on February 21.