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 The Force Awakens, directed by J.J. Abrams, without a doubt is a thrilling experience and truly depicts what is expected from a Star Wars film but that very fact leads to a foreseeable plot of a movie.

By this time you must be confused whether to buy the ticket or not? But come on it’s a Star Wars movie 90% of the people would have already gotten the ticket. This review will take you through a topsy-turvy ride of the best moments of the movie and the descriptive weaknesses. The Force Awakens, directed by J.J. Abrams, without a doubt is a thrilling experience and truly depicts what is expected from a Star Wars film but that very fact leads to a foreseeable plot of a movie.

Unveiling the script by J.J. Abrams and Kasdan wouldn’t be that intriguing unless and until you experience the same enigma and suspense that I did. It can be unambiguously enunciated that The Force Awakens zealously and reverently stems out from the “Original concept.” After an obnoxious series of episodes of CGI-Overloaded, episode seven eventually brings back the enticing plot that the audience kept waiting for.  The electrifying ride of X-wing and witnessing a droid rolling on a sprawling desert planet are one of the highlighting moment of the movie. The Force Awakens definitely imprisons the same level of excitement like Star Wars.

A huge credit goes to the come-back of renowned characters Han Solo and Chewbacca, who help to intensify the situation further by adding scoops of mystery attached to their history. They succeed to bedazzle you with their charm and make you adhere to their elucidation that puts you in an aw-inspiring moment of trying to relate it to the past and the future. They have created the same vibes and exhibit the same expressions to trigger the reminiscences of these characters the audience have in mind.

The first objection I have is the less screen time of these characters but along with that the chemistry of the new heroes and villains is absolutely bizarre. Rey (Daisy Ridley), Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) and Finn (John Boyega) add their own flavors of personalities fighting against the oppressive and horrendous dictatorship of the First Order. The connection of their mismatched personalities and growth of this connection takes us on a thrilling and exciting ride.  The portrayal of this mix of personalities is extremely comical, relevant and amusing simultaneously.

The collaboration of the outstanding characters in a matter of few hours has managed to create sparks of each character in the available capacity. The highlight of The Force Awakens Adam Driver ( Kylo Ren) gives a burst of emotional twist to the movie where Gwendoline Christie and Captain Phasma play meagre roles. The intense conflicts within, show off as fierce temper outside that couples up with motivation and ambition while he strives to undergo his absolute mission. Driver creates a murky ambience in his presence, despite of adorning a blank and inexpressive mask that quite evidently indicates another antagonist.

Visually Star Wars: The Force Awakens is truly commendable and characterization is also spot on but the assembly of the plot and description are to some extent disturbing to the viewer. For instance MacGiffin that takes off the story has no link with the histrionic ending and definitely stands synonymous with the “disaster of recreation.” Some of the blows of the movie point towards mere luck like Abrams’ Star Trek start-up that makes the movie lose its ground. These problems don’t throw the movie off-track but these are surely distressing and note-worthy.

The audience expectations from the movie are sky-high and they believe it will be a life time visual experience but for me the reality is on the contrary. It is surely a mysterious and exciting return of the science–fiction movie which is badly destabilized with a wavering script. This dose of truth was to make your expectations tuned to the reality, so you truly enjoy the movie.


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