The breakup mystery in Hans and Leia’s in the Force Awakens

The Movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens has made a superb entry into the theatre. The movie has made a great come back and the revived the concept in a appropriate manner. The concept has merged well with the new themes and plots. The unanswered scenes are responded and answered quite well. The audience satisfactions appears to be visible and that is what the most exciting part. However, the new plot has put the audience in state of dazed as well. For instance, it was a shock to see Hans and Leia no longer in a relation in the new Star War : The Force Awakens. On a positive note this has led to launch of another series of novel Star Wars:  Aftermath- Empire End.  Honestly it is quite exciting and has an element of drama in it, however, how well it is picturized that is still to be evaluated and judged. has recently published Chuck Wendig’s novel Aftermath extracts- its third and final series. The new plot reveals the events and circumstances that led to depart of its two main characters i.e. Hans and Leia. The extracts shows Leia pregnant apparently carrying Ben Solo child who would later grow to become Kylo Ren and even challenging or provoking Han and specifying her priorities as she is soon to become a mother. On the contrary Han is as usual playing his part in helping her out and bringing her the Jogan fruit. The enticing part that make this plot great is that Han is seen becoming agitated since his rebellion instinct is no more awakens as he is no more fighting. The extract further reveals

It’s difficult for Hans to resist and that is visible from his demeanor. He feels useless, he can’t find his purpose: there is no fight, he seems aimless, and warrior is seen being rusted. Fighter seen in the new plot buying fruit which is against what he has been showed and imaged.

In original series of Star Wars, Han Solo character kept the audience engaged as he fights with Chewie and these scenes are beautifully picturized to kept the audience involved. There is an element of humor in it as well when Hens is seeing gambling and doing smuggling. With such a colorful character in the past and now seeing doing nothing extraordinary does not go well and hence not well received. Seeing Kylo Ren changing his sides to the darker force is the reason behind the culmination of the friendship between the two, however, it still has lot of other events that need to be explored.

The sad part is seeing Han Solo finally killed in Star Wars : The Force Awakens. Carrie Fisher as General Leia also passes away leaving audience less to explore and their relation couldn’t get further. But to reach on to that stage, it’s a must for Star War fans to read the final novel  Star Wars: Aftermath – Empire’s End to connect the dot perfectly and to see Chuck Wendig performing the decisive move. In the last part Chuck Wending seen delivering the  exciting  finish and even earns the new York best-selling series recognition between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens as well

Carrie Fisher will be seen as Leia Organa in Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 15. The plot a part from other aspect will discover more about the relation with Han as the same wasn’t really explored in the last part i.e. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Harrison did his part quite well but now he is over with the character and new but young Hans is already in the making hoping to be viewed by the audience in the next year. This means that new Hans will be full of his exciting and colorful aspect i.e. you will get to see lots of smuggling, gambling and fight with rebellion plus comic moods to lift the audience moods from time to time to make the stream going. You can check out the full excerpt from the novel at Star Wars: Aftermath – Empire’s End comes out on February 21.


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